A lot of XR companies are springing up around the notion of copresence. How important it is, and why everybody wants it. There’s a lot of reasons. The current global health issues make us feel separate from each other. Remote work, or education in general, can feel isolating. Video communication…

A spatial computer can sense and understand all the spaces of Reality…including the hidden inner spaces within us all. In this article, I want to highlight some very different types of XR applications, each described as a high concept product pitch.

Read almost any article on XR technology and usually…

Lets talk plainly about the this oft spoken new input.

So, you’ve decided to get into XR. You quickly notice there’s a term that comes up all the time…”headpose.” Most people are instructed that “it’s the user,” and that developers can think of it as the main scene camera.

But what ​really​ is headpose? How do you get it? What’s…

Brian Schwab

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